Yenadi Community

The Yenadi community, also known as Yanadi, is a Scheduled Tribe residing in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Despite their significance as the largest tribal group among the 34 tribal communities in the state, the Yenadi people often remain overlooked and less visible in the mainstream.

The Yenadi People: Traditional Semi-Nomadic Forest Subsistence

The Yenadi people have a rich cultural heritage that revolves around a traditional semi-nomadic forest subsistence lifestyle. They rely on various activities for their livelihood, including hunting, fishing, and gathering nuts, yams, and roots from the forest.

Significance and Population

The Yenadi community holds significant importance due to its substantial population among the 34 tribal groups in Andhra Pradesh. Despite their sizable presence, they often face socio-economic challenges and are marginalized in their own state.

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Geographical Location

The Yenadi community primarily resides in the state of Andhra Pradesh.


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