UPSC Preliminary Exam to be Postponed, says Government Official & Minister

upsc prelims 2023 results out

While UPSC has not yet made an official announcement regarding the postponement of the exam, a senior government official said, “an in-principle decision to postpone the preliminary exam has been taken, but an official announcement will be made only after May 3rd”.

Also, Union Minister Jitendra Singh in an interview with a Jammu-based channel Jammu Links said: “We have also deferred the preliminary exam (of the civil services).”

This topic of “UPSC Preliminary Exam to be Postponed, says Government Official & Minister” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

Reasons mentioned

While the national lockdown is said to be lifted on 3rd May, the exact nature of the restrictions that may be lifted, the areas from where they could be lifted, etc. is unknown.

Besides, there is a lack of clarity on public transport. Hence it is very difficult to make arrangements for the exams and for students to even reach the centres.

So logistically speaking, it would be near impossible to conduct the exam so soon.

What about Online Exams

The UPSC currently does not have the bandwidth to conduct the exam for almost 10-11 lakh candidates online.  For that, there is a need for dedicated IT centres & other infrastructures which would be hard to arrange at such short notice.

To overcome the bandwidth issue, UPSC may conduct the exam in multiple sessions that have their own set of problems.

  • Multiple session exams generally are conducted in batches wherein the total number of candidates taking the exam is divided into groups and they take the exam in different time slots.
  • However, candidates can argue that a particular paper was easier than the other, and hence contest the results of the exam.

There have been discussions on technological solutions like a tab-based exam, which would be wireless and can be held in classrooms in schools, colleges, etc. But they obviously need a much longer time to be developed. Furthermore, with wireless tabs, there is a problem of making the network secured because wireless systems can be tapped.

So to create such a technological architecture and make it both accessible and secure is not an easy task for the commission.

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It’s a good news or bad news??


Good – for people who are not prepared well , they will get some additional time
Bad – those for the people who prepared well , but for mains they will get less time period to prepare ,
Meanwhile for sure it will raise the cutoff will be more compare to previous year , based on paper due to less no of vacancies


Actually it’s been a good decision if exam is postponed.becz there r many problems like transportation ,stay,food,how to maintain social distance while into the exam… And so many…
We the people r the one on whom our economy, future……depends …if we fall into carona …..and as well there is problem with examination centers,staffetc….so in keeping all these in mind I personally think UPSC board will postpone the exam and it’s obviously a good one…our lives r important first then comes anything

himani loht

sir …..i dont have wireless tab …can i give online exam from my android


Upsc aspirants who withdraw their application can get chance after extend of exam

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