In recent news, a remarkable event has taken place as the President inaugurated two vibrant festivals – Unmesha and Utkarsh. These festivals hold immense cultural significance, showcasing various folk and tribal performing arts. The highlight of the occasion was the unveiling of the 2nd edition of the International Literature Festival, making it a remarkable celebration of both culture and literary prowess.

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President Inaugurates Festivals: Unmesha and Utkarsh

The inauguration of the festivals, Unmesha and Utkarsh, marks a significant cultural milestone in India. These festivals are aimed at celebrating the rich diversity of folk arts and tribal performing arts.

Festival Types

  • Unmesha: A vibrant cultural celebration focusing on folk arts, preserving and highlighting the artistic expressions of different regions.
  • Utkarsh: Showcasing the mesmerizing realm of tribal performing arts, this festival brings forth the captivating traditions of indigenous communities.


The festivals are proudly organized by two prominent entities:

  • Ministry of Culture: Playing a pivotal role in promoting and preserving India’s cultural heritage.
  • Sangeet Natak Akademi: Dedicated to nurturing and supporting various forms of performing arts in the country.

Unveiling the 2nd Edition of the International Literature Festival

The inauguration ceremony also featured the unveiling of the 2nd edition of the International Literature Festival, a prominent event with a focus on literary exploration and cultural exchange.


  • Largest Event in Asia: The International Literature Festival stands as the largest event of its kind in Asia, attracting literary enthusiasts from all corners of the continent.
  • Literary Focus: With its core emphasis on literature, the festival serves as a platform for writers, poets, and thinkers to engage in meaningful discussions and showcase their literary creations.

Event Details

  • Duration: Spanning across four days, the festival promises a plethora of enriching experiences for attendees.
  • Participants: The festival boasts the participation of 575 accomplished authors hailing from 14 different countries. These authors represent a diverse array of languages, collectively surpassing 100 in number.

The Organizers

Both the inauguration of Unmesha and Utkarsh festivals and the unveiling of the International Literature Festival were made possible by the dedicated efforts of renowned organizers.

Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture plays a pivotal role in nurturing and promoting the cultural vibrancy of India. Through such events, the ministry showcases the rich artistic heritage that the country boasts.

Sahitya Akademi

  • Establishment Year: Founded in 1954, Sahitya Akademi holds a significant place in India’s literary landscape.
  • Autonomy and Registration: Operating as an autonomous organization, Sahitya Akademi is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. This status empowers it to function independently and foster literary excellence.

The Location: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

All these festivities and literary celebrations took place in the picturesque city of Bhopal, located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh.

Location Details

Bhopal serves as an ideal backdrop for such events due to its cultural richness and historical significance. Its welcoming atmosphere and vibrant spirit perfectly complement the essence of the festivals and the literary extravaganza.

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