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State of the Wet Tropics Report

State of the Wet Tropics Report mind map
State of the Wet Tropics Report
Australia's northern rainforests
World heritage sites
25% more organisms classified as threatened
Since 2020
Impacts of climate change
submitted by 
Conservation authority for the UNESCO-listed Queensland wet tropics
Growing Threats to Iconic Species
Declining Health
Species like ringtail possum
International Protection
Since 1988
Climate change
Habitat loss
Ecosystem degradation
Multiple Challenges
Invasive Species and Diseases
Threat to biodiversity
Impact on
Endemic rainforest frogs
High-altitude birds
Myrtaceae family plants
Disturbing Trends
Euastacus crayfish in upland streams
Apollo jewel butterfly
Climate Change Role
Predictions of 50% extinction
Endemic vertebrate fauna
Over a decade ago
Impact on Specific Species
Ringtail Possums
Lemuroid ringtail possum
Classified as Critically Endangered
Temperature patterns and heatwaves
Freshwater Species
Threats to upland spiny crayfish
Extreme Weather Events and Invasive Species
Induced by Climate Change
Decline in Populations
Flying foxes
Impact of Invasive Species
On threatened taxa
82% face common pressure
Urgent Need for Conservation Action
Mitigating Impacts
Climate change
Habitat loss
Spread of invasive species
Proactive Conservation Measures
Critical importance for unique ecosystems

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