SAMPRITI 2023, a significant event in the realm of international military cooperation, has commenced.

This topic of “SAMPRITI 2023” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

SAMPRITI 2023 Commences

SAMPRITI 2023 marks the eleventh edition of this annual joint military exercise, reinforcing the bonds between the Indian Army and the Bangladesh Army.


  • SAMPRITI-XI, also known as SAMPRITI 2023, is the 11th edition of this annual joint military exercise.
  • It serves as a platform for the Indian and Bangladesh armies to enhance their collaboration and military prowess.

Why is SAMPRITI-XI Important?

Enhancing Interoperability

  • SAMPRITI-XI aims to enhance interoperability between the two armies.
  • It facilitates seamless coordination and communication during joint military operations.

Sharing Tactical Drills

  • Tactical drills are shared during this exercise, promoting best practices and strategies.
  • The exchange of tactical knowledge contributes to the efficiency of both armies.

How is SAMPRITI-XI Organized?

Alternating Organization

  • SAMPRITI-XI is organized alternately by both India and Bangladesh, showcasing the commitment of both nations to strengthening their military ties.

Focus on Sub-Conventional Operations

  • SAMPRITI-XI focuses on the conduct of Sub-Conventional Operations as per Chapter VII of the UN mandate.
  • It equips both armies with the skills required for various scenarios, including counter-terrorism efforts.

Inclusion of Command Post Exercise (CPX)

  • The exercise includes a Command Post Exercise involving 20 officers from each contingent.
  • Decision-making processes are thoroughly deliberated, enhancing the officers’ leadership skills.

Field Training Exercise (FTX)

  • SAMPRITI-XI includes Field Training Exercises, which involve grassroots-level operations.
  • Joint tactical drills are conducted, with a focus on counter-terrorist operations, including hostage rescue, crowd control measures, and the use of helicopters.

Validation Exercise

  • The validation exercise is scheduled for October 14th and 15th, 2023.
  • It will take place at the Darranga Field Firing Range in Assam.

Equipment Display: ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’

  • SAMPRITI-XI will also feature an equipment display showcasing the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative, emphasizing India’s self-reliance in defense technology.

Who Participates in SAMPRITI-XI?

  • SAMPRITI-XI sees active participation from the Indian Army and the Bangladesh Army, fostering closer cooperation between these two nations.

Where Does SAMPRITI-XI Take Place?

Location: Umroi, Meghalaya

  • This year’s exercise is hosted in Umroi, Meghalaya, further promoting regional cooperation.

Historical Context

The 1st Edition

  • SAMPRITI has a rich historical context, with its first edition held in Jorhat, Assam, in 2009.

Facts and Previous Editions

Previous Editions

  • SAMPRITI has a legacy of ten successful editions, with the exercise steadily evolving to strengthen military ties between India and Bangladesh.

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