Report in journal ‘Matter’ on RoboMapper's efficient material testing capabilities
    New robot technology for material testing
    More efficient
      Reduces GHG emissions by 10X
    Shorter time
      10X faster
    Presented with a set of materials
      Asked to develop alloys using it
    Robot creates different combinations
      Runs various tests on them to determine
        If they have Crystalline structure of perovskite
        Desirable set of optical characteristics (called band gap)
        Stability when exposed to intense light
    Used to identify perovskite materials
      With better stability and efficiency for use in solar cells


  • A report in the journal ‘Matter’ highlights RoboMapper’s efficient material testing capabilities.


  • RoboMapper is a new robot technology designed for material testing.

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  • The technology is more efficient, resulting in faster material testing.
  • It is sustainable and contributes to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 10 times compared to conventional methods.


  • RoboMapper is presented with a set of materials and tasked with developing alloys using them.
  • The robot creates different combinations of materials and runs various tests to determine:
    • If they have a Crystalline structure of perovskite.
    • Their desirable set of optical characteristics, known as the band gap.
    • Their stability when exposed to intense light.


  • RoboMapper is particularly useful in identifying perovskite materials that exhibit better stability and efficiency for use in solar cells. This can have significant implications for the development of more efficient and sustainable solar energy technologies.


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