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Pterygotrigla intermedica

In a remarkable scientific discovery, a new species of vibrant orange-colored marine fish has been found in the coastal waters of Digha Mohana in West Bengal. This intriguing find adds to our understanding of marine biodiversity and is of particular significance for the following reasons:

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The New Species

Commonly Known As: The newly discovered marine fish belongs to the family Triglidae and is commonly known as “gurnards” or “sea-robins.” These fish are characterized by their vibrant orange coloration, making them stand out in the underwater world.

Family Triglidae: This species belongs to the family Triglidae, which is known for its diverse range of fish species. In fact, there are a total of 178 species within the Triglidae family worldwide.

Similarity to Pterygotrigla hemisticta: The newly discovered fish species exhibits similarities with species like “Pterygotrigla hemisticta,” which is another member of the Triglidae family.

Significance of the Discovery

This discovery is particularly significant due to the following reasons:

Fourth Species of Pterygotrigla Genus in India: The newfound marine fish represents the fourth species of the “Pterygotrigla” genus to be reported in India. This contributes to the growing knowledge of the unique marine ecosystems in Indian waters and highlights the country’s importance in terms of marine biodiversity.

Where Was It Found?

The discovery of this vibrant new marine fish species took place in the coastal waters of Digha Mohana, located in the state of West Bengal, India. This region is known for its rich marine life and is a valuable site for marine research and conservation efforts. The finding underscores the need to protect and preserve these coastal habitats to ensure the continued existence of diverse marine species.

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