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What is a Mindmap

  • A mind map can turn a long list of boring information into a colourful, memorable and highly organized diagram that works in line with your brain’s natural way of doing things.
  • A mind map is hierarchical and reflects relationships among pieces of the whole.
  • Whenever you make notes from books or newspapers, instead of writing paragraphs or bullet points, you can make a mind map for the big-picture analysis and better recall.
  • How to make a mind map?
    • Step 1: Write the main concept at the centre of the page.
    • Step 2: Write sub-topics around the main concept and link them together.
    • Step 3: Write the key points under each-subtopics.
    • Step 4: Mark relationship (if any) between different points in the mind map.
Click to Zoom.
  • Above is the example mind map from our article on the statue of unity issue. Here,
    • Statue of unity – the Main concept
    • Why in news? Who is Patel? Etc – Sub-topics
    • Then the nodes that branch out from sub-topics are key points.

What you will get after purchasing a subscription?

With Public administration subscription, you can access:

  • PubAd Paper 1 & 2 mindmap course – till subscription expiry
  • Related current affairs – From June 2018 till subscription expiry
  • PubAd Study Group – for discussing with your fellow members

Features of this course

  • In-depth but easy to learn/revise through interactive & hierarchical mindmaps
  • Remember concepts for long-term
  • Add your own notes
  • Linkage with current affairs gives you updated info right away
  • Adhered to syllabus & previous year question patterns


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Referred Sources

The content provided in these mind-maps are compiled from the best sources & are self-sufficient for the understanding of the subject & simultaneously helpful for faster revision but still for enthusiastic readers, we’ve mentioned referred books which you can refer:

Booklist for Paper 1:

  • Mohit Bhattacharya: New Horizon of public administration
  • Administrative Thinkers by Prasad & Prasad
  • Comparative public administration: R.K Arora
  • Public administration by M. Laxmikanth
  • Public administration paper 1 by RB Aribam

Booklist for Paper – 2:

  • Indian public administration by Ramesh K Arora & Rajni Goyal
  • Public administration paper 2 by RB Aribam
  • Government reports (2nd ARC, Punchi Commission reports, NITI aayog recommendations )
  • Newspapers editorials

Note & Offers

Things to note:

  • No PDF/Offline mode: All contents can be accessed via our website/app only.
  • Number of devices: 2 simultaneous device logins (PC/Tablet/Mobile) are allowed per user account for all subscriptions.


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    Review for Public Administration (Optional)
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  2. Anshul (verified owner)

    Mindmaps are really helpful. Thanks.

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  3. Arjun Singh (verified owner)

    It is really a great course , Mind maps are really helpful especially for the long term retaining , As all notes are referring standard books so this is a plus point .

    As we all know the syllabus is a Bible in UPSC , here we get all the course According to syllabus this is the main thing why I went for this course.

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  4. ASHUTOSH (verified owner)

    Its extremely helpful and its very true that revision becomes 10 times fast…. Keep it up Sir and Mam….. 🙏

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