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Paat-Mitro App

Paat-Mitro App mind map
Recent News
Launched in December 2023
Support Jute Farmers
Empowering with Information
Facilitating MSP and Agronomy
Developed by
Jute Corporation of India Limited (JCI)
Launched During
Jute Symposium
Key Features
Provides MSP Information
Latest Agronomic Practices
Jute Gradation Parameters
Farmer-centric Schemes
Weather Forecasts
Locations of JCI’s Purchase Centers
Procurement Policies
Payment Tracking
For Raw Jute Sold to JCI
Chatbot Feature
For Real-time Queries
Available in 6 Languages
From Google Play Store
Free of Cost
Ministry of Textiles
Secretary Rachna Shah
Jute Farmers
Targeting 40 Lakh Families
Mobile Application
Easy Accessibility
Multilingual Support
Empowering Jute Farmers
With Crucial Information
and Tools
Enhancing Livelihoods
of Jute Farmer Families
Ensuring Transparency
in Payment Processes
Real-time Assistance
Via Chatbot
Increasing Awareness
About Jute Cultivation
Way Forward
Continuous Support
to Jute Farmers
Expansion of Services
and Features

To summarize, the “Paat-Mitro” app is a significant step towards enhancing the livelihoods of jute farmers in India. Developed by JCI and launched by the Ministry of Textiles, it offers a one-stop solution for these farmers, providing essential information about Minimum Support Prices (MSP), agronomic practices, jute gradation parameters, and more. The app also features a chatbot for real-time assistance and allows farmers to track the status of their payments, promoting transparency and ease of access. Available in six languages and free of cost, this app is tailored to meet the needs of India’s vast jute farming community.

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20% Special Sale Ends Today! Hurry Up!!!