Operation Amrith

Operation Amrith mind map
Recent News
January 2024
Kerala, India
Launched in January 2024
Tackle antimicrobial resistance
Prevent antibiotic overuse
What Full Provisions
Surprise raids
In retail medical shops
Strict record keeping
By pharmacies
Mandatory posters
No antibiotics without prescription
Kerala, India
Kerala Drug Control Department
Dr Sujith Kumar K
Drugs Controller
Dr Aravind Reghukumar
HOD, Infectious Diseases
Convener, KARSAP
Reporting system
Public participation
Toll Free Number
For lodging complaints
Pros Significance
Reducing AMR
Ensuring proper antibiotic use
Cons Challenges
Implementation challenges
Ensuring compliance
Way Forward
Continued monitoring
Public awareness
Strengthening KARSAP initiatives

Operation Amrith is an initiative by the Kerala Drug Control Department in India, launched in January 2024. Its purpose is to combat antimicrobial resistance and curb the overuse of antibiotics. The operation involves conducting surprise raids in pharmacies to detect unauthorized over-the-counter sales of antibiotics, enforcing strict record-keeping, and requiring visible notices in pharmacies about the prescription requirement for antibiotics. The public is encouraged to report any violations. The initiative is a part of the broader effort under the Kerala Anti-Microbial Resistance Strategic Action Plan, aiming to reduce antimicrobial resistance and promote appropriate use of antibiotics.

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