Operation Ajay

Operation Ajay has come into action with its first chartered flight departing from Israel on October 13, carrying 230 Indian citizens back to their homeland.

This topic of “Operation Ajay” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.


Definition: Operation to repatriate Indian citizens

Operation Ajay is a significant mission aimed at repatriating Indian citizens who were residing in Israel.


Reason: Fresh regional tension

The operation was triggered by the escalating regional tension in Israel, marked by brazen attacks on Israeli towns. These attacks were carried out by Hamas militants, creating a dangerous situation for Indian citizens in the region.


Strategy: Safe return of Indians

Operation Ajay is strategically designed to ensure the safe return of Indian citizens from Israel. Key aspects of the operation include:

  • Transport: Special charter flights are arranged for the evacuation.
  • First flight details: The first flight departed on a Thursday and carried the initial batch of registered Indian citizens.
  • Communication: The Indian embassy in Israel communicates with registered Indian citizens through email, providing instructions and updates for subsequent flights.

Control and helpline setup

To facilitate the operation and provide assistance to Indian citizens, control and helpline setups have been established:

  • Delhi: A round-the-clock control room is in operation to coordinate and monitor the repatriation process.
  • Tel Aviv and Ramallah: Emergency helplines are available in these regions to monitor the situation in war-torn areas, provide information, and offer assistance to Indian citizens who may require help.


Indian population in Israel

  • Total: Approximately 18,000 Indian citizens were residing in Israel, making their safe repatriation a top priority for the Indian government during Operation Ajay.

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