National Handloom Day

On August 7th, 2023, India celebrated the 9th National Handloom Day, an occasion that recognizes and honors the invaluable contributions of handloom weavers to the country’s economy and cultural heritage. This significant day also marked the launch of the ‘Bhartiya Vastra evam Shilpa Kosh – A Repository of Textiles & Crafts’ portal, developed by the National Institute of Fashion Technology, which aims to preserve and promote traditional textiles and crafts.

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Significance and Theme: “Handlooms for Sustainable Fashion”

National Handloom Day is a special day dedicated to handloom weavers, acknowledging their role in India’s economic growth and cultural richness. The theme for 2023, “Handlooms for Sustainable Fashion,” emphasizes the importance of incorporating handloom textiles into the fashion industry in an environmentally conscious manner.

Historical Roots: Swadeshi Movement of 1905

The origins of National Handloom Day can be traced back to the Swadeshi Movement of 1905, during India’s struggle for independence. The objective of this movement was to boycott British goods and promote Indian-made products, including handloom textiles. This movement played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the significance of supporting indigenous industries.

Official Commemoration Since 2015

In recognition of the historical importance and cultural significance of handlooms, the Indian government officially declared August 7th as National Handloom Day in 2015. Since then, the day has been celebrated annually, shining a spotlight on the skill, creativity, and hard work of handloom weavers.

Launch of the ‘Bhartiya Vastra evam Shilpa Kosh’ Portal

As part of the celebrations in 2023, the National Institute of Fashion Technology unveiled the ‘Bhartiya Vastra evam Shilpa Kosh’ portal. This online repository is dedicated to preserving and showcasing various traditional textiles and crafts. The portal serves as a valuable resource for artisans, designers, and enthusiasts, enabling them to explore and promote India’s rich textile heritage.

Promoting Sustainable Fashion and Empowering Artisans

The theme “Handlooms for Sustainable Fashion” underscores the importance of sustainable practices in the fashion industry. By encouraging the use of handloom textiles, which are typically produced using eco-friendly methods and natural fibers, the celebration of National Handloom Day promotes a more responsible and environmentally conscious approach to fashion.

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