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Nano Urea

Nano Urea mind map
Recent News
January 2024
PAU field study
Decrease in yields
Rice and wheat affected
Finance Ministry aims
Cut urea import bill
Reduced to Rs 21,000 crore
Plants expansion
Increase to 13 by 2025
Produce 44 crore bottles
Production started
August 1, 2021
Specifications notified
Under Fertilizer Control Order, 1985
To reduce urea usage
Up to 50 percent reduction
Protects soil health
Nano Urea properties
Releases nutrients
Controlled manner
Higher nutrient efficiency
Cost-effective for farmers
Production capacity
44 Crore bottles
Equal to 195 LMT conventional urea
Government initiatives
Approval for manufacturing
By Zuari Farmhub and others
Focus on domestic production
Government of India
Promotes nano urea
Punjab Agricultural University
Conducted field study
Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative
Produces nano urea
Nanotechnology-based fertilizers
Boost crop yields
Improve soil health
Cost savings
For government and farmers
Reduce foreign exchange
Save Rs 40,000 crore annually
Self-sufficiency in urea
Expected by 2025-26
Field studies
Show decreased yields
Contrary to expectations
Way Forward
Address yield concerns
Modify application methods
Further research needed

Nano urea, a nanotechnology-based fertilizer, is an innovative product introduced in India to enhance agricultural productivity while being environmentally friendly. It is designed to release nutrients in a controlled manner, offering higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness compared to conventional urea. The Indian government has been promoting nano urea to reduce dependence on traditional fertilizers, aiming for self-sufficiency in urea production by 2025-26. Despite its benefits, recent field studies by Punjab Agricultural University have shown a decrease in crop yields (rice and wheat), posing a challenge to its efficacy. The government plans to expand production facilities and further research is needed to address these yield concerns.

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