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Mythimna separata

Mythimna separata mind map
Severe pest infestation in Assam
Affected approximately 28,000 hectares of paddy crops
Across at least 15 districts
Crops on verge of maturity and ready for harvest
Fell victim to Mythimna separata
Known as ear head cutting caterpillar, rice ear-cutting caterpillar, or armyworm
Pest Behavior and Impact
Mythimna separata
Feeds on leaves, cuts off panicles at base of crop plants
Leaves fields resembling areas grazed by livestock
Rapid multiplication during outbreak
Forming swarms, moving from field to field
Climate Change Connection
Increased temperatures and dry conditions
Favorable for rapid proliferation of pest populations
Temperatures in seven districts above normal
In Guwahati, maximum temperature 31.4 degrees Celsius
4.5 degrees above normal average
Global Climate Change Impact on Pests
Warming world influences spread and behavior of pests and diseases
2017 study highlighted
Small rises in global temperatures
Lead to reduction in insect lifecycle
Higher pest populations, increased generations
Expanded geographical range, extended development season
Assam’s Crop Catastrophe and Future Concerns
Reports of damage by ear head cutting caterpillar since 2016
Current infestation unprecedented in scale and timing
Attack occurred at final stage of crop development
Leaving no room for recovery
Farmers across half of state suffered substantial losses

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