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North Korea looks to attempt launching another spy satellite after the failure of Malligyong-1.


  • Malligyong-1 is a military reconnaissance satellite.
  • This was the country’s 6th satellite launch.
  • The satellite flew for some 10 minutes before crashing down.


  • It will improve the country’s surveillance capabilities.
  • It will improve the country’s ability to strike targets with precision.
  • The crash was reportedly due to instabilities in the rocket engine and fuel systems.


  • It was launched using the Chollima-1 rocket. This launcher’s engine is reportedly similar to the dual-nozzle liquid-fuel machine in Hwasong-15 ICBM.


  • It was launched by North Korea


  • It crashed into the Yellow Sea.


  • The launch had raised concerns in South Korea and Japan. The 2 neighbouring countries’ governments issued evacuation warnings and emergency alerts.
  • Along with these two countries, USA expressed ‘strong condemnation’.


  • North Korean space program is closely related to its missile program. For instance, its satellite launch vehicles use the same core technology as its long-range missiles.
  • After 3 failed attempts, the country first succeeded in putting a satellite in orbit in 2012. For this, it used the Unha-3 launch vehicle- a possible variant of Taepodong-2 ICBM.
  • In 2016, it launched an earth observation satellite using Unha-type launch vehicle.


In which region did the failed satellite launch of Malligyong-1 take place?

(a) East Asia

(b) Southeast Asia

(c) Oceania

(d) South Asia

Answer: (a) East Asia

Explanation: The reference text mentions that the satellite launch of Malligyong-1 was conducted by North Korea, and it crashed into the Yellow Sea. The Yellow Sea is located in East Asia, making it the region where the failed satellite launch took place.

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