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Mahadayi River Dispute

Mahadayi River dispute upsc notes
Recently, tenders floated for Kalasa Banduri project
On the Mahadayi River not successful
Tenders floated by previous BJP government
Before Karnataka Assembly elections
Without obtaining forest and environment clearance
Tenders open for bidding till 21st August 2023
About Mahadayi River:-
Also known as the Mandovi River
Origin: Western Ghats from Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary
End point: Flows into the Arabian Sea
Formed by confluence of two rivers: the Daddi and the Markandeya
Left Bank Tributaries: Daddi River, Malaprabha River, and Markandeya River
Right Bank Tributaries: Tambaraparani River, Bainganga River, Wardha River
Dams on the Mahadayi River:-
The Hidkal Dam: Located in Belagavi district
The Selaulim Dam: Located in South Goa
The Virdi Dam: Located in the Belagavi district
The Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is on island of Chorao
Located in the Mandovi River
Source of water for drinking, irrigation, and tourism
For states of Goa and Karnataka
Kalasa-Banduri Nala Project
Project of the Government of Karnataka
Objective: to divert water from Mahadayi
To satisfy the drinking water needs
Of Belagavi, Dharwad, Bagalkot and Gadag districts of Karnataka
Involves building dam across Kalasa and Banduri
Two tributaries of the Mahadayi River
To divert water to the Malaprabha River
Kalasa-Banduri Nala Project Dispute Background
1989: Project was planned
2002: Karnataka government decided to implement
After Centre cleared it
Goa’s stand: approached Centre
Urging it to assess river resources
And allocate water to three basin states
Protests in Goa put project on hold
2006: Dispute gained steam
Karnataka government decided to start work
Goa approached Supreme Court
Seeking creation of a Tribunal
To settle water-sharing dispute
Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal set up
Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra are parties
2018: Tribunal allocated water
13.42 TMC to Karnataka
1.33 TMC to Maharashtra
24 TMC to Goa
2019: Goa filed Special Leave Petition(SLP)
In Supreme Court challenging allocation quantum
2020: Goa filed contempt petition
Accusing Karnataka of illegally diverting water
2023: Goa and Maharashtra issued joint statement
Will fight against Karnataka on water diversion project

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