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Karpoori Thakur – Bharat Ratna

Karpoori Thakur mind map
Recent News 
Bharat Ratna Awarded
January 2024
Honouring Contributions
Born 1924
Chief Minister Tenure
December 1970 to June 1971
December 1977 to April 1979
Passed Away February 17, 1988
Champion for Marginalised
Stalwart of Equality
Significant Political Contributions
Prohibition of Alcohol
Enforced 1970
Education Initiatives
Established Schools, Colleges
Mandal Commission Recommendations
Implemented Later
Mungeri Lal Commission Report
Reclassifying Backward Classes
Implemented 1978
Bihar, India
Socialist Leader
Non-Congress Chief Minister
Education Minister
Removed English Requirement
Influence on Bihar Politics
Upliftment of Backward Classes
Reforms in Education, Employment
Pioneering Social Reforms
Foundation for Affirmative Action
Influence on Regional Politics
Way Forward
Continued Inspiration
For Social Justice
Equity and Empowerment

Karpoori Thakur, a revered figure in Indian politics, is best known for his contributions towards the upliftment of backward classes and marginalized communities. Born into a marginal farmer’s family in 1924, Thakur rose to prominence as a socialist leader and served as the Chief Minister of Bihar. His tenure is notable for several key initiatives, including the total prohibition of alcohol and the establishment of educational institutions in underdeveloped regions. Thakur was instrumental in advocating for the rights of the Other Backward Classes (OBC), laying the groundwork for future affirmative action policies in India. His efforts led to the implementation of the Mandal Commission recommendations and the reclassification of backward classes. In January 2024, Thakur was posthumously honored with the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award, recognizing his enduring efforts for social justice and equality.

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