Japan’s Development Cooperation Charter

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Japan has approved a major revision of its Development Cooperation Charter.


  • The Development Cooperation Charter is the development aid policy of Japan.
  • Recent version’s highlights:
    • More focus to paid to:
      • Maritime security
      • Economic security
      • National interests
    • Prioritization of addressing:
      • Climate change
      • Energy crisis
      • Food crisis
    • Attention also paid to:
      • Strengthening supply chain resilience
      • Digital transformation
    • Stresses on the importance of:
      • Working with private sector and civil society
      • Bringing in new funding
      • Setting international rules and guidelines based on:
        • Transparency
        • Inclusiveness
        • Fairness


  • To guide Japan’s undertakings to help developing nations overcome several challenges, especially considering China’s growing global influence.


  • Focus on non-military cooperation, while keeping human security as ‘a guiding principle’.


  • Updated once every 10 years.
  • Last updated in 2015.


  • In December 2022, Japan adopted a new National Security Strategy.
    • The goal to doubling its defence spending to $310 billion over the next 5 years.
    • Launch of Official Security Assistance/ OSA for developing nations’ militaries, especially in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Given the tight fiscal conditions, Japan is looking to use its development aid more strategically and effectively.


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