Iraq’s Ban on Term ‘Homosexuality’

Recent news from Iraq highlights a regulatory action by the country’s official media regulator. The directive issued to media and social media platforms operating in Iraq restricts the use of the term ‘homosexuality.’ This move has raised concerns and sparked discussions about the implications of such restrictions.

This topic of “Iraq’s Ban on Term ‘Homosexuality’” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

Regulatory Action and Term Replacement

The official media regulator in Iraq has taken a regulatory action by instructing media and social media platforms within the Arab state to refrain from using the term ‘homosexuality.’ Instead, an alternative term, ‘sexual deviance,’ is provided for use. This directive comes as part of an effort to control the discourse around certain topics in media.

Additional Term Bans and Extended Measures

Apart from the ban on the term ‘homosexuality,’ the directive also includes a ban on the term ‘gender.’ Furthermore, this restriction extends to phone and internet companies that are licensed in Iraq, prohibiting the use of these banned terms within mobile applications.

Penalty Considerations

While the specific penalties for violating these term bans have not been set yet, there is speculation that fines could be imposed for non-compliance. The potential fines would reflect the seriousness of the restrictions and their enforcement.

Legal Context in Iraq

Status of Gay Sex

In Iraq, gay sex is not explicitly criminalized by law. However, the penal code includes loosely defined morality clauses that have historically been used against the LGBT community.

Global Context

Divergent Legal Approaches

In the global context, over 60 countries still criminalize gay sex, creating a hostile environment for LGBT individuals. In contrast, more than 130 countries have legalized same-sex acts, acknowledging the importance of human rights and inclusivity.

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