Invasive plant species

Invasive plant species mind map notes
Recent Study Highlights
Invasive plant species
Threat to India's natural systems
Affected regions
Western Ghats
South Eastern Ghats
Central Indian Highlands
Invasion stats
66% natural systems threatened
Economic cost
Up to $182.6 billion
53% plots
At least one high-concern invasive plant
High concern invasive plants
Invaded 72% land (254,880 sq km)
Found in 22% natural areas
Potential threat to 66% natural areas
Impact hotspots
Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (Western Ghats)
Dominated by
Lantana camara
Prosopis juliflora
Chromolaena odorata
Southern Eastern Ghats
Dense invasion by
Prosopis juliflora
Lantana camara
About Invasive plant species
Organism not native
Causes harm
Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) definition
Alien species
Threatens ecosystems, habitats, species
Causes socio-cultural, economic, environmental harm
Cause native species extinction
Reduce biodiversity
Compete with native species
Alter habitats
Introduction methods
Ship ballast water
Accidental release
Human introduction
Common features
Asexual and sexual reproduction
Fast growth
Rapid reproduction
High dispersal
Tolerate various conditions
Feed on diverse foods
Risks and Threats
Impact on human health
Livestock health threat
Threaten global food security
Impact developing countries most
Effects include
Change fire regimes
Transmit disease to native species
Cause forest loss
Reduce water flows
Transform habitats
Threat level
Major threat to IUCN Red List amphibians, reptiles, mammals

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