India’s first Nano DAP Plant

A mindmap image illustrating India's first Nano DAP Plant inauguration in Kalol, Gujarat. The inauguration was conducted by the Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation. The image also includes definitions of Nano DAP and Nano Urea as advanced agricultural fertilizers known for their nutrient efficiency and reduced environmental impact, with Nano DAP described as a liquid source of nitrogen and phosphorus.
The significance of the Nano DAP Plant includes its role in agricultural experimentation, reduction of urea usage, promotion of natural farming, and its potential for nationwide adoption by PACS (Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies).
Additionally, the image highlights the benefits of Nano Technology in fertilizers, including increased surface area, improved solubility, targeted delivery, reduced leaching, and enhanced nutrient uptake. Information about IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited) is also provided, including its full name, establishment in 1967, headquarters in New Delhi, and ownership by Cooperative Societies of India. IFFCO is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of fertilizers.

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