India-US Trade Dispute at WTO

India-US Trade Dispute at WTO upsc notes
Context: India and US resolution
Source: TH
Dispute resolution: Six trade disputes at WTO
Disputes initiated by India
Countervailing measures: Carbon steel flat products
Measures: Renewable energy sector
Measures: Steel and aluminium products
Disputes initiated by USA
Measures: Solar cells and modules
Export-related measures
Additional duties: Some products from the US
Pending dispute: Poultry case
Positive impact: Dispute resolution
Effect: Trade promotion, export enhancement
US: Largest trading partner of India (2022-23)
Effect: Promotion of 2+2 dialogue
Disputes cover areas: Steel, aluminium, solar energy, export measures
WTO Dispute Resolution Process
Dispute settlement ways
Bilateral consultations: Mutually agreed solution
Adjudication: Includes panel and Appellate Body reports
Three stages involved
Consultations: Between parties
Dispute settlement panel: If consultations fail
Adjudication: By panels
Ruling challenges: Appellate Body of WTO
Current issue: USA blocking appointments to it
Final stage: Implementation of ruling
Alternative to Appellate body: MPIA

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