India Unveils Coal Logistics Plan and Policy

India Unveils Coal Logistics Plan and Policy mind map
Recent News
India unveils Coal Logistics Plan and Policy
Aiming for efficient, sustainable logistics for coal movement
Action Plan for FY 2023-24 released
To achieve Aatmanirbhar Bharat
Enhance coal production, efficiency, sustainability
New technologies adoption
Environmental protection
Resource conservation
Coal Ministry Action Plan 2023-24 targets
1012 Million Tonne Coal Production
Coking Coal Strategy
Reduce imports
Quality of Coal
Supply of quality coal
Private Investment
CAPEX and Asset Monetization
Rs 21030 Crores target for FY 2023-24
Commercial Mining
Allocating 25 new mines for commercial mining
Infrastructure Projects
PM Gatishakti National Master Plan
Coal Evacuation
FMC & Railway Lines
Safety in Mines
Commitment to safety standards
Scientific closure of Mines
Restore ecological balance
Technology Push to Coal
Technology roadmap
Coal to Chemical initiatives
Diversification of Coal India Limited (CIL)
Sustainability in Coal Sector
Promoting sustainable development model
Ministry of Coal
Coal India Limited (CIL)
NLC India Limited (NLCIL)
Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL)
Adopting Coal Logistics Policy/Plan
For effective, environmental friendly transport
Outsourcing of Mines
To increase coal production and efficiency
PM Gatishakti National Master Plan
For critical coal evacuation projects
Commercial Mining agreements
For 23 coal mines
Enhanced coal availability
Reduced imports
Improved coal quality
Increased private investment
Infrastructure development
Safety in mines
Adoption of new technologies
Sustainability focus
Employment generation
Implementation challenges
Adapting to new technologies
Environmental concerns
Way Forward
Continued focus on sustainability
Environmental protection
Resource conservation
Further diversification of CIL
Adoption and adaptation to new technologies

The Coal Logistics Plan and Policy unveiled by India for FY 2023-24 is a comprehensive strategy aiming to enhance coal production, efficiency, and sustainability. It encompasses a wide range of initiatives including the adoption of new technologies, environmental protection, and resource conservation. The plan targets a significant increase in coal production with an emphasis on reducing imports through a coking coal strategy, improving coal quality, and promoting private investment in the sector. Infrastructure development, safety in mines, technological advancements, and sustainability are key focus areas. The initiative is expected to have a positive impact on India’s coal sector’s growth trajectory, ensuring a sustainable future while addressing the challenges of implementation and environmental concerns​​​​​​.

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