India Receives Prestigious Measles and Rubella Champion Award

India Receives Prestigious Measles and Rubella Champion Award mind map
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India bestowed with Measles and Rubella Champion Award
By The Measles and Rubella Partnership
On March 6, 2024
Award ceremony at American Red Cross Headquarters, Washington D.C., USA
Ambassador Sripriya Ranganathan received the award
Measles and Rubella Partnership
American Red Cross
Significance of the award
Celebrates India's commitment to public health
Recognizes India's leadership in combating measles and rubella
Acknowledges innovative strategies and effective public-awareness initiatives
Highlights successful vaccination campaigns in high-risk areas
50 districts reported no measles cases
226 districts reported no rubella cases in the past 12 months
Measles and Rubella in India
Measles case reduction by 62% (2017-2021)
Rubella case reduction by 48% (2017-2021)
Over 348 million children vaccinated (2017-March 2023)
MR Vaccine part of Universal Immunization Programme since 2017
Government aims for measles and rubella elimination
Challenges and Way Forward
Strengthening routine immunization under UIP
Expanding MR Laboratory network
Implementing Roadmap plan for MR Elimination
Continuing proactive vaccination campaigns
Maintaining robust surveillance systems
Enhancing public awareness
Collaboration with international partners essential for achieving elimination goals

India has received the prestigious Measles and Rubella Champion Award in recognition of its exemplary efforts to combat these infectious diseases. The award was presented by The Measles and Rubella Partnership, a coalition of global health organizations, including the American Red Cross, BMGF, GAVI, US CDC, UNF, UNICEF, and WHO. This recognition comes as a result of India’s unwavering commitment to public health, demonstrated through a series of comprehensive interventions aimed at reducing the incidence of measles and rubella, including a nationwide vaccination campaign that has reached over 348 million children. These efforts have led to significant reductions in cases of both diseases and have been instrumental in preventing outbreaks, showcasing India’s leadership in global health and vaccination initiatives​​​​​​.

Following this achievement, it’s crucial for India to continue its proactive vaccination campaigns, surveillance efforts, and public awareness initiatives. Strengthening routine immunization under the Universal Immunization Programme (UIP), expanding the MR Laboratory network, and implementing the Roadmap plan for MR Elimination are key strategies moving forward. Collaboration with international partners will remain vital in the quest to achieve a world free from measles and rubella​​.

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