Indelible Ink for Lok Sabha 2024 Polls

Indelible Ink for Lok Sabha 2024 Polls mind map
Recent News
Mysore Paints and Varnish Ltd (MPVL)
Sole supplier
Gearing up for Lok Sabha elections 2024
Received biggest order till date
70% complete
Rest to be completed by March 15
Order details
26.55 lakh vials
Worth ₹55 crore
For Lok Sabha elections 2024
Production completion by March 15
To prevent electoral fraud
Ensure no multiple voting
Indelible ink vials
Leaves deep purple mark
Applied on voter's left forefinger
Cost revision
Upward to ₹174 from ₹160
Due to fluctuating price of silver nitrate
Exploring alternatives
Developing marker pens
Mysuru-based company
Mysore Paints and Varnish Ltd (MPVL)
State-owned enterprise
Exclusive manufacturer for Election Commission
Ink applied on left forefinger
Received largest order from Election Commission
Fulfilling both domestic and export orders
Export Orders
Past couple of months
Small orders from Cambodia, Fiji Islands, Sierra Leone, Guinea-Bissau
Processing orders from Mongolia, Fiji Islands, Malaysia, Cambodia
Safeguards integrity of electoral process
Unsung hero in democracy
Prevents electoral fraud by ensuring voter's mark
Price increase due to silver nitrate cost
Need for alternative solutions like marker pens
Way Forward
Complete remaining production timely
Develop and introduce marker pens as alternative

The indelible ink used in the Lok Sabha 2024 polls is supplied by Mysore Paints and Varnish Ltd (MPVL), the sole supplier for such ink in India. The company is currently preparing for the elections, having received its largest order to date, with 70% of production already completed and the remainder expected to be finished by March 15. This ink is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the electoral process by preventing multiple votes from a single individual. The cost per vial has increased due to the rising price of silver nitrate, a key ingredient. MPVL is also looking into developing marker pens as an alternative to traditional glass vials for future elections. In addition to domestic demands, MPVL caters to international orders from countries like Cambodia, Fiji Islands, Sierra Leone, and Guinea-Bissau, showcasing the global reliance on its indelible ink for fair voting processes​​​​.

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