IIT Madras Mini Space Lab

IIT Madras Mini Space Lab mind map
Recent News
IIT-Madras collaborates with Vellon Space
To launch 'AsteriX Lab' in orbit by 2025
Collaboration announced in March 2024
Launch targeted by 2025
To conduct biological experiments in microgravity
Advance extra-terrestrial manufacturing research
'AsteriX Lab'
Miniature space laboratory
Focus areas
Microgravity research
Biomanufacturing in space
In-orbit demonstration
Showcasing capabilities for experiments
Long-duration cell culture in low-earth microgravity
Low-earth orbit
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Founded in 1959
At forefront of technological innovation
Vellon Space
Indian space startup
Extra-Terrestrial Manufacturing Center (ExTeM-IITM)
Collaborating with Vellon Space
Lab to stay in orbit for nearly a week
Remotely controlled
Equipped with sensors and data measurement systems
Revolutionizing cell culture and drug development processes
Understanding microgravity’s effects on biological systems
Creating commercial opportunities in space technology sector
Technological and logistical challenges in deploying and operating mini space lab in orbit
Way Forward
Preparation for orbital journey
Eager anticipation for groundbreaking insights and advancements

The IIT Madras Mini Space Lab, a collaboration between the Indian Institute of Technology Madras and the space startup Vellon Space, aims to launch the ‘AsteriX Lab’ in orbit by 2025. This mini space lab is designed to conduct biological experiments in microgravity, focusing on advancing extra-terrestrial manufacturing research, particularly in biomanufacturing in space. This project represents a significant step in utilizing low-earth orbit for scientific research, with the potential to revolutionize cell culture and drug development processes, while also presenting new commercial opportunities in the space technology sector.

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