To what extent did the role of the moderates prepare a base for the wider freedom movement? Comment. (250 words) [2021]

The moderates, who were a group of Indian nationalists during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, played a significant role in preparing the base for the wider freedom movement in India. They were characterized by their belief in working within the existing political framework and using constitutional means to bring about change.

The moderates played a crucial role in preparing the base for the wider freedom struggle in several ways:

  1. Ideological influence: Moderates provided a more moderate and gradual approach to achieving independence, which helped to appeal to a wider section of the population and build a larger base for the freedom movement. They also helped to popularize the idea of independence and spread the message of self-rule through their writings and public speeches.
  2. Mobilization of resources: Moderates were able to mobilize financial and logistical support for the freedom movement, which helped to sustain the struggle and bring more people into the fold. They were able to raise funds through subscriptions, donations, and other means, which helped to keep the freedom movement going.
  3. Building support networks: Moderates were able to build support networks and forge alliances with other groups, both within and outside the country, which helped to broaden the base of the freedom movement. They were able to establish connections with other freedom movements around the world, which helped to gain international support and recognition for the cause.
  4. Leadership and guidance: Moderates provided leadership and guidance to the freedom movement, which helped to keep it on track and focused on the goal of independence. They also helped to resolve internal conflicts and disputes within the movement, which helped to maintain unity and cohesion.
  5. Political education: Moderates played a crucial role in educating the masses about the importance of independence and the need for self-rule. They helped to raise awareness about the political and social issues facing the country, which helped to build a larger base of support for the freedom movement.

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