The interlinking of rivers can provide viable solutions to the multi-dimensional inter-related problems of droughts, floods and interrupted navigation. Critically examine. (250 words) [2020]

The interlinking of rivers in India is a proposed large-scale infrastructure project that aims to connect India’s major rivers through a network of canals, reservoirs, and dams.

  • One of the primary arguments in favor of the interlinking of rivers is that it can help to address the problem of droughts. By connecting rivers that have surplus water to those that are experiencing shortages, the project aims to create a more reliable and equitable distribution of water across the country. In theory, this could help to mitigate the impact of droughts on agriculture, industry, and domestic water supplies.
  • Another potential benefit of the interlinking of rivers is that it could help to reduce the risk of floods. By building reservoirs and dams along the river network, excess water can be stored and released in a controlled manner, reducing the likelihood of destructive flash floods.
  • The interlinking of rivers could also improve navigation by creating a more reliable and efficient transport system for goods and people. This could have economic benefits, particularly in areas that are currently isolated due to lack of reliable water transport.
  • However, the interlinking of rivers project has also faced significant criticism and challenges. One concern is that the construction of dams and reservoirs could have negative impacts on the environment and local communities, such as loss of biodiversity and displacement of people. There are also concerns about the financial and technical feasibility of the project, as well as the potential for corruption and mismanagement.

In conclusion, the interlinking of rivers in India has the potential to provide solutions to the multi-dimensional problems of droughts, floods, and interrupted navigation. However, it is important to carefully consider the potential risks and costs of the project, and to ensure that any benefits are distributed fairly and sustainably.

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