Mouling National Park: Geography, Rivers, Flora & Fauna

Established in1982
GeographyLocated in Upper Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh, India, covering an area of about 483 sq km
BiomeTropical evergreen and semi-evergreen forests, temperate alpine, and coniferous forests
Rivers flowing throughSiyom River, Siang River, Siring, Subong, Krobong, and Semong
FloraTropical evergreen, tropical semi-evergreen, sub-tropical, temperate broadleaf, bamboo brakes, secondary forest, foxtail, and orchids
FaunaTakin, goral, serow, wild buffalo, tiger, panther, red panda, elephant, hog deer, barking deer, sambar, python, Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, and Hoolock Gibbon
HillsMouling Peak
TribesAdis and Idu Mishimis tribes
Unique Features-Dabung Waterfall and Nirbung Waterfall,
-part of the Dihang-Dibang Biosphere Reserve

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