Account for the huge flooding of million cities in India including the smart ones like Hyderabad and Pune. Suggest lasting remedial measures. (250 words) [2020]

India’s cities, including smart cities like Hyderabad and Pune, witnessed flooding causing damage to property, infrastructure, and loss of life.


  1. Inadequate drainage and sewerage systems: Many urban areas lack proper drainage facilities, exacerbating flooding during heavy rainfall.
  2. Climate change impacts: More extreme weather events, including erratic monsoon patterns, caused by climate change lead to more frequent droughts and flooding in India.
  3. Encroachments on water bodies: Illegal encroachments and construction on natural watercourses reduce their capacity to absorb excess water, causing urban flooding.
  4. Poor solid waste management: Improper disposal of solid waste can block drainage systems, increasing the risk of flooding.
  5. Inefficient stormwater drainage systems: Many cities have overwhelmed stormwater drainage systems during heavy rainfall, resulting in flooding.

Lasting remedial measures to mitigate floods:

  1. Enhance drainage and sewerage systems: Improve existing infrastructure by constructing decentralized covered drains and converting large open drains in suburban areas.
  2. Strengthen stormwater management: Develop and maintain efficient stormwater drainage systems to handle heavy rainfall and prevent flooding.
  3. Regulate encroachments: Enforce regulations against illegal encroachments on water bodies to preserve their capacity to absorb excess water.
  4. Improve solid waste management: Implement proper solid waste disposal systems to prevent blockages in drainage systems.
  5. Adapt to climate change: Develop climate-resilient urban planning and infrastructure to better cope with more frequent and severe flooding.
  6. Community awareness and preparedness: Educating communities about flood risks and preparedness minimizes the impact on lives and property.
  7. Early warning systems: Implementing flood early warning systems enhances preparedness and response.
By addressing these factors and implementing the suggested measures, Indian cities can better manage and mitigate the impact of floods, protecting lives and property.

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