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Hong Kong Article 23

Hong Kong Article 23 mind map
Recent News
Hong Kong Leader's Push
For New Security Laws
30-Day Consultation Exercise
Began January 30, 2024
Legislative Council Discussion
Scheduled in 2024
Public Feedback Sought
Introduced January 30, 2024
Consultation Period
Four Weeks
National Security Threats
External and Internal
Need to Safeguard
Against Espionage, Treason
Definition of State Secrets
Economic, Scientific, Diplomatic Information
New Offences Proposed
Theft of State Secrets, Espionage
Sedition, Sabotage
External Interference
Existing Laws Amendment
Crimes Ordinance for Treason
Official Secrets Ordinance Update
Comparison with Other Nations' Laws
UK, US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore
Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong Chief Executive
John Lee Ka-chiu
Secretary for Justice
Paul Lam
Secretary for Security
Chris Tang
Consultation Exercise
Gathering Public Feedback
Legislative Framework
Safeguarding National Security Ordinance
Aims for Stable, Safe Environment
Addresses Gaps in Current Legislation
Concerns Over Human Rights
Previous Public Opposition in 2003
Way Forward
Enactment of Legislation
As Soon As Possible
Addressing Feedback from Consultation

Hong Kong’s Article 23 is a proposed security law aiming to tackle national security threats, both internal and external, through new and updated legal provisions. Initiated on January 30, 2024, with a four-week public consultation period, this legislation includes defining state secrets, creating new offences like theft of state secrets, espionage, sedition, sabotage, and external interference, and amending existing laws. Spearheaded by Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu, the law seeks to create a stable and safe environment in Hong Kong. While it addresses gaps in current legislation, concerns over human rights implications and public opposition similar to the failed attempt in 2003 are notable challenges.

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