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High-Energy Particle ‘Amaterasu’

High-Energy Particle 'Amaterasu' mind map
Extremely high-energy cosmic ray
Detected in 2021
Identified in 2023
Energy exceeding 240 EeV (exa-electron volts)
Second most powerful cosmic ray
After Oh-My-God particle (320 EeV, 1991)
Named after Japanese sun goddess
Detected by 
Telescope Array observatory in Utah
Appears to emerge from Local Void
Empty area of space bordering Milky Way
Unknown source
No known celestial events capable of producing it
Cosmic rays
High-energy subatomic particles
Travel near speed of light
Mostly protons, some nuclei or electrons
Originate from Sun, outside solar system, or beyond Milky Way
Possible explanations
Unknown source
Magnetic fields steering particle off-course
Invisible source in another dimension

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