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Green Fuels Alliance India

Green Fuels Alliance India mind map
Recent News
Announced by Denmark
Chennai, India
Boost collaboration
Advance carbon neutrality
Green Fuels Sector
Including Green Hydrogen
Ecosystem Establishment
Encourages collaboration
Between businesses, government, research, financial stakeholders
Member-Driven Business Alliance
Steering Committee
Comprised of Danish businesses
Coordinated by Danish Consulate in Bangalore
Advisory Board
Industry experts and thought leaders
Inspired by Collaborative Initiatives
India-Denmark Energy Partnership
Nation Green Hydrogen Mission
Joint R&D on Green Fuels
Led by
Danish Embassy
Consulate General of Denmark in India
Founding Members
A.P. Moller – Maersk
Umwelt Energy
Mash Makes
European Sustainable Solutions
Brdr. Christensen
Hydrogen Denmark
Advisory Board Members
India Hydrogen Alliance
Energy Consortium at IIT Madras
Danish Energy Agency
State of Green
Fostering Innovation
Promoting Collaboration
Establishing Partnerships
Sustainable energy growth
Net zero emissions
India by 2070
Denmark by 2045
Global decarbonisation efforts
Availability of green energy and fuel
In sufficient quantities
At cost-competitive prices
Way Forward
Knowledge sharing
Business opportunities
Strategic and financing partnerships

The Green Fuels Alliance India (GFAI) is an initiative launched by Denmark in Chennai, India, on January 9, 2024. This strategic alliance, led by the Danish Embassy and the Consulate General of Denmark in India, aims to boost collaborative efforts in the sustainable energy solutions sector and advance the joint global goal towards carbon neutrality. GFAI focuses on promoting sustainable energy growth in India by creating an ecosystem for collaboration among businesses, government entities, research institutions, and financial stakeholders from both Indian and Danish sectors. Key elements of the alliance include a Steering Committee of Danish businesses, an Advisory Board of industry experts, and inspiration from collaborative initiatives like the India-Denmark Energy Partnership. The alliance is significant in its potential contribution to global decarbonization efforts, with the challenge being the availability of green energy and fuel in sufficient quantities at competitive prices.

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