Global Risks Report 2024

Global Risks Report 2024 mind map
January 10, 2024
World Economic Forum
Global Risks Perception Survey
Insights from
1,500 global experts
Analyzes global risks
Through three-time frames
Four structural forces
Climate change
Demographic bifurcation
Technological acceleration
Geostrategic shifts
Top 5 risks outlook 2024
Environmental risks
Extreme weather
El Niño-Southern Oscillation
Misinformation and disinformation
Societal and political divides
Impact on 3 billion voters
Global scope
To understand
Current and emerging risks
To support decision-makers
In balancing crises
And long-term priorities
Comprehensive analysis
Expert insights
Forward-thinking approach
Provides actionable steps
For resilience
In shifting risk environment
Informs policies and strategies
Organizational level
Governmental level
Helps leaders
Anticipate future trends
Prepare for risks
Predominantly negative outlook
Next two years
84% respondents concerned
Next decade
92% pessimistic
Way Forward
Building resilience
Against evolving risks
In converging risk landscape

The Global Risks Report 2024, published on January 10, 2024, by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Zurich and Marsh McLennan, presents the findings of the Global Risks Perception Survey with insights from nearly 1,500 global experts. The report analyzes global risks through three time frames and identifies four structural forces shaping global risks: climate change, demographic bifurcation, technological acceleration, and geostrategic shifts. Environmental risks, especially extreme weather events, and the challenges of misinformation and disinformation are highlighted as significant concerns. The report aims to aid decision-makers in balancing current crises with long-term priorities and offers a comprehensive analysis, expert insights, and a forward-thinking approach to building resilience in a shifting risk environment. However, it also notes a predominantly negative outlook for the world in the coming years, with a significant majority of respondents expressing concern and pessimism.

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