Global Forest Watch

Global Forest Watch upsc notes
Study by World Resources Institute’s Global Forest Watch
Significant decline in tropical forest cover (2022)
Source: TH
Key findings
Loss: 4.1 million hectares
Equivalent to 11 football fields disappearing every minute
Primary forest cover loss in tropical regions
10% higher in 2022 compared to previous year
World not on track to meet forest-related commitments
Goal 1: End deforestation by 2030
Required: Deforestation rate decrease by at least 10% annually
Actual: Deforestation rates reduced by 3.1% in 2022 (2018-2020 baseline)
Exceeded necessary levels by over one million hectares
Deviation from 2030 goal
Goal 2: Restore 350 million hectares of lost and degraded forests by 2030
Overall change in tree cover in last two decades: net loss of 100 million hectares
Countries with significant forest cover losses
Democratic Republic of Congo
Loss of 44 thousand hectares of humid primary forest (2021-22)
17% of total tree cover loss during that period
Primary forests
Also known as old-growth forests or virgin forests
Mature and undisturbed natural forests
Have not experienced significant human intervention or alteration
Reached ecological maturity
Exhibit complex and diverse ecosystem
Fully developed tree canopy layers
Understory vegetation
Rich biodiversity
Crucial role in storing carbon and supporting biodiversity
Secondary forest regrowth cannot match primary forest ecological and carbon sequestration capabilities
Global Forest Watch
Launch: 2014
Open-source web application
Monitor global forests in near real-time
Initiative of World Resources Institute
Partners: Google, USAID, University of Maryland, Esri, Vizzuality, etc.
Developer: World Resources Institute (WRI)

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