Export Preparedness Index (EPI) Report, 2022

Export Preparedness Index (EPI) Report, 2022 upsc notes
NITI Aayog releasing the third edition
For the year 2022
Discussed in the report
India’s export performance
Overview of sector-specific export performance
Development of districts
As export hubs in the country
District-level analysis of merchandise exports
About the Report
EPI as a comprehensive tool
Measures the export preparedness
Of the States and UTs in India
Comprehensive analysis of States and UTs
Across export-related parameters
Identifying their strengths and weaknesses
Highlight the achievements
Encourage peer learning
Uphold the spirit of competitive federalism
Policy Pillar
State’s and UTs’ performance evaluation
Based on adoption of the export-related policy
Ecosystem at state and district level
Institutional framework surrounding the ecosystem
Business Ecosystem
Prevailing business environment assessment
In a state/UT
Business-supportive infrastructure extent
State/UT’s transport connectivity
Export Ecosystem
Export-related infrastructure in a state/UT
Trade support for exporters
Prevalence of Research and Development
To foster innovation in the state/UT
Export Performance
Output-based indicator
Gauges the growth of a state’s export
Over the previous year
Analyzes its export concentration
Footprint on the global markets

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