Dzuds in Mongolia

Dzuds in Mongolia mind map
Recent News
Critical level reached in 2024
Affecting over 90% of the country
Second consecutive year of severe conditions
Winter 2023-2024
Climate change impacts
Poor environmental governance
Drought in summer followed by heavy winter snowfall
White and Iron Dzud
White Dzud
Deep snow cover preventing animal grazing
Iron Dzud
Short thaw followed by hard freeze
Economic challenges
Pandemic aftermath
International crises
Commodity and fuel price increases
Over 90% of Mongolia
Particularly severe in rural areas
Affected groups
190,000 herder households
Over 258,000 people
Over 100,000 children
Supporting organizations
UN agencies
Mongolian Government
Humanitarian Country Team
Save the Children
Traditional livelihoods
Herding and livestock central to Mongolian culture
Livestock unable to access pasture
Inadequate feed and high prices
Road blockages
Awareness of climate change impacts
Strengthening resilience and response
Loss of livestock and livelihoods
Increased vulnerability of children
Access to health, nutrition, education, and social services hindered
Herders' economic struggles
Way Forward
Humanitarian assistance
Sustainable solutions for rural communities
Early preventive measures
Strengthening resilience of herders

Dzuds in Mongolia refer to a severe and unique weather phenomenon characterized by extremely cold winters with heavy snow and ice, hindering livestock from accessing pasture. In the winter of 2023-2024, Mongolia faced a critical level of dzud, affecting over 90% of the country. This situation, exacerbated by climate change and poor environmental governance, has led to considerable hardships for over 190,000 herder households, affecting their livelihoods and the well-being of over 258,000 people, including children. The dzud has brought to light the urgent need for humanitarian assistance and sustainable solutions to support Mongolia’s rural communities, highlighting the significance of resilience against climate change and economic challenges.

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