Draft Press and Periodicals Rules 2024

Draft Press and Periodicals Rules 2024 mind map
Recent News
Released by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Consultation period until February 4, 2024
Released on January 6, 2024
To implement Press and Registration of Periodicals Act, 2023
Replace colonial-era Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867
Powers to Press Registrar General
Conduct or authorize inspections
Verify circulation
Initiate audits
Press Sewa Portal
Digital registration process
Simplify communication
Registration within 15 days of approval
Appellate board for disputes
Press Registrar General
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Editors Guild of India
Voiced concerns
Online application
Streamlining registration process
Inclusion of digital news media
Streamlining administrative process
Modernizing registration
Including digital news media
Concerns over press freedom
Expansion of PRG's powers
Vagueness of provisions
Way Forward
Stakeholder consultations
Balancing regulation and freedom

The Draft Press and Periodicals Rules 2024 in India, released by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, aim to modernize and streamline the process of registering newspapers and periodicals. Replacing the colonial-era Press and Registration of Books Act of 1867, these rules propose digital registration through the Press Sewa Portal and grant the Press Registrar General authority for inspections and audits, especially under certain circumstances such as irregular circulation reports. These rules have stirred debate over potential implications for press freedom, with concerns raised by the Editors Guild of India about the expansion of the Press Registrar’s powers and the vagueness of some provisions. The introduction of an appellate board for registration disputes is seen as a positive step. The consultation period for these rules is an opportunity for stakeholders to influence the future of press regulation in India.

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