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Dark Net – Uses, Threats and Way Forward

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc, some Israel-based researchers have found that an online market of fake vaccine and test certificates with over 1,200 vendors in the UK and worldwide is running on the dark web and instant messaging platforms. The researchers noted that at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, darknet produced the masks, the protective equipment, and later drugs were also on sale. Similarly, as drug procurement and sale has become difficult during the pandemic, many smugglers are taking help from the dark web. The Mumbai police and NCB recently noticed that the dark web has turned out to be one of the prime methods for ordering and supplying drugs. This brings to notice, the issue of the dark web, how is it misused and how its misuse can be managed?

Draft Personal Data Protection Bill 2019: Analysis

Recently, Facebook India’s policy head has appeared before the 30-member Joint Committee of Parliament which is scrutinizing the draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019. But Amazon has declined to appear due to risky travel during the pandemic. The draft data protection bill was submitted by Justice BN Srikrishna committee in the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to provide for a solid legal framework on data protection in India. The bill recognizes privacy as a fundamental right with provisions to protect personal data. In December 2019, Parliament approved sending it to the joint committee.

Cyberwarfare & Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructure- All You Need to Know

Industrial capacities and critical infrastructure are key targets in warfare. This has been so especially since the Industrial Revolution. Today, cyberwarfare poses a greater threat in this regard as it can cause much greater damage to the target with very little cost to the attacker. The ShadowPad attack on Mumbai’s electricity distribution grid has shown the damaging potential of cyberattacks directed at critical infrastructure. Though the energy sector is one of the most targeted in such attacks, it isn’t the only one. Sectors like transport, telecommunication, manufacturing units and other public sector services could be brought down by cyberattacks.

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