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Cattle Slaughter in India and Anti-Slaughter Laws – Issues, Challenges, Way Ahead

Though laws banning slaughtering of cows are not unique to India, the issue is highly contentious among its people – leading to social, economic and political implications across the country. The Indian community should come together to ensure that the needs of all are provided for, especially when there is a growing agrarian crisis as well as escalating social tensions within the country.

One Health Approach – Need, Opportunities, Challenges

Rudolf Virchow, the father of pathology, had once said, “Between animal and human medicine, there are no dividing lines – nor should there be”. This holds true especially in recent years with the increase in the instances of epidemic outbreaks due to zoonoses. This calls for the use of One Health approach, a paradigm shift in the human and animal health along with the conservation of biodiversity to ensure prevention and mitigation of pandemics like that of COVID-19.

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Arshi Nasim
Arshi Nasim
1 year ago

Nice but plz also include big picture debate of this topic can be included under broader issue of man animal conflict..
Thank you

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