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[Article] Religious Freedom – USCIRF Report and India

In a recent development, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), has recommended that the State Department put India on a list (‘Countries of Particular Concern’ or CPCs) for the worst violations of religious freedoms in 2020. The recommendation brings to the limelight the issue of freedom of religion and what is its position in the Indian territory. The recent passage of anti-conversion laws by various State governments in India has further helped in highlighting the issue. With the rise in encroachment on people’s religious freedom by various state and non-state actors, the issue has become a grave matter of concern. The issue not only raises numerous questions about various rights available to people but also shows how such rights are under threat in contemporary times.

Secularism in India – History, Constitution, Challenges

India is a land where people of all the major religions of the world find a peaceful home. The ancient ethos and modern philosophy of India have Secularism as its inalienable part. The idea of secularism makes India a multicultural society. Religion, though a very important part of human life, has its own share of problems associated with it. Secularism addresses those problems in a very effective manner.

Democracy in India and the concept of the new democracy

With the latest happenings in India and all over the world, and the fundamentals of democracy coming into question regularly, the concept of democracy has become an important subject for discussion now. Democracy in India is a subject of debate for a long time and the concept of the new democracy has emerged as a matter of discussion quite fairly. Here, we will discuss the various aspects of democracy and how democracy plays its role in India, the concept of the new democracy, and its importance.

Racism- Forms, Features, Impacts, Way forward

The death of an innocent African American named George Floyd triggered a massive civil rights movement in the USA and solidarity protests were also held in other parts of the world. The social phenomenon of racism has been in existence for long now and all attempts of eliminating the evil practice once again seem to be gone in vain as the ‘Black Lives Matter’ intensifies in the USA.