BIMSTEC Vs SAARC – Which is a better platform for India’s vision?PREMIUM 

SAARC, unlike the regional organisations like EU and ASEAN is highly un-successful, mainly due to the Pro-Terrorism stance taken by the Pakistan’s government and the lack of unity amongst the member states.

It was formed in 1985 to promote economic and regional integration of the South Asian Countries.  However, in the recent years, relationships between SAARC countries are at an all-time low since the cancellation of 19th SAARC summit. The cancellation was caused after the member countries (Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and India) boycotted it.

This has led to indefinite postponement, giving no room for diplomatic resolution within SAARC.

India, due to the need for regional co-operation with her neighbours, have undertaken pro-active measures to overcome the SAARC challenges by promoting BIMSTEC that includes several of the SAARC members.