Arrow Aerial Defense System

The Arrow Defense System is an integral component of Israel’s multi-tiered defense strategy against aerial threats, specifically designed to intercept and neutralize ballistic missiles. Developed collaboratively by Israel Aerospace Industries and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency starting in the late 1980s, the system includes Arrow 2 for endo-atmospheric (within the atmosphere) threats and Arrow 3 for exo-atmospheric (outside the atmosphere) threats. This setup complements other defense systems like Iron Dome, which targets short-range projectiles, and David’s Sling for medium to long-range missiles. The Arrow system uses advanced radar detection, a sophisticated command and control center, and kinetic energy hit-to-kill interceptor missiles. It demonstrated its effectiveness during a significant confrontation on April 2024, when it successfully intercepted the majority of threats during an unprecedented attack by Iran, underscoring its crucial role in Israel’s national defense architecture.

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