Aqua Nor 2023

A significant delegation from India has recently visited Norway to participate in Aqua Nor 2023, a renowned trade show that spotlights advancements in aquaculture technology and innovation. This exhibition has earned its reputation as one of the world’s largest platforms for showcasing cutting-edge developments in the aquaculture industry.

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News: Indian Delegation at Aqua Nor 2023

The news revolves around a high-level delegation from India, which has traveled to Norway to partake in Aqua Nor 2023, underscoring the global significance of this event.

Defining Aqua Nor 2023

Promoting Aquaculture Technology and Innovation

Aqua Nor 2023 serves as a vital trade show dedicated to the display and exploration of aquaculture technology and innovative solutions.

The Significance of Aqua Nor

A Premier Aquaculture Technology Exhibition

Aqua Nor holds distinction as one of the world’s foremost exhibitions spotlighting technological advancements in the field of aquaculture.

Exploring Aqua Nor’s Offerings

Range of Representation

Aqua Nor 2023 brings together a comprehensive representation of technology, processes, and services associated with aquaculture, particularly in the domains of:

  • Salmon farming
  • Marine species cultivation
  • Mollusc cultivation

Encompassing Aquaculture Technology

The event encompasses a diverse spectrum of aquaculture technologies, including those related to:

  • Breeding techniques
  • Feed and feeding regimes
  • Biomass control
  • Construction and operation of floating cages
  • Nets
  • Safety equipment
  • Well boats
  • Fish handling methodologies
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Vaccines

Event Details


The Aqua Nor 2023 event is being held at Trondheim Spektrum, Klostergata, Norway.

Historical Context

The inception of Aqua Nor dates back to 1979, marking a long-standing tradition of showcasing aquaculture advancements.

Additional Insights: Norwegian Salmon Tax Debate

The Context

An ongoing point of discussion in Norway is the salmon tax debate, which involves proposed tax adjustments on the farmed salmon industry.

Tax Proposal Details

The Norwegian government initially proposed raising taxes on the farmed salmon industry, setting the tax rate at 40% in September 2022, in addition to the existing 22% corporation tax. However, there has been a recent proposal to reduce the provisional tax rate to 35%.

Rationale for Tax Changes

The intention behind the proposed salmon tax changes is to equitably distribute the profits generated from one of Norway’s significant resources.

Global Significance of Norwegian Salmon

Norway holds a dominant position in the global farmed salmon industry, contributing to over half of the world’s supply. This industry is a substantial source of national income for the country, second only to fossil fuels.

Economic Implications

The salmon farming industry in Norway is highly lucrative, with operating profit margins estimated at an impressive 45% for the country’s salmon farmers in 2022.

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