ANUVADINI - AI Tool mind map
Recent News
UGC Guidelines
Translation needs rephrasing
Ensure meaningful translation
Requires careful editing
Maintain meaning and context
Use of standard glossaries
Cover wide range of topics
Technical terms
Provided in English if needed
Challenges in machine translation
Professional editing and validation required
Promoting Multilingualism
Initiative by Union Government
Aligns with National Education Policy 2020
Focus on mother tongue education
NEP 2020 highlights
India's multilingual nature as asset
Promotes socio-cultural and educational development
Application Functionalities
Voice & Document AI Translation Tools
Supports 22 regional and foreign languages
Aims to reduce language barriers
Diverse use cases
External Relations, Agriculture, Commerce
Railways and Transport, Scientific Research, Innovation
Local Content Creation
Boosts multilingual wealth
Contributes to Viksit Bharat campaign
Translations for various courses
Engineering, medical, law, undergraduate, postgraduate, skill courses
Available on e-Kumbh portal
School materials in 30 Indian languages
Competitive exams in 13 Indian languages
Announced in January 2024
Address language barriers in education
Promote studying in native languages
Enhance accessibility to quality education
Offers document translation
Maintains layout integrity
Supports multiple languages
22 regional Indian and foreign languages
Available for school and higher education
Applicable to national institutions
Three-year implementation timeline
Across India
Developed by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)
Supported by
University Grants Commission (UGC)
Department of School Education
Panchanan Mohanty's views
Emphasizes need for professional editing
Highlights complexities in translation
AI-driven translation mechanism
Involves editing and validation by professionals
Facilitates multilingual education
Bridges gap in language diversity
Supports NEP 2020's vision
Enhances academic performance
Promotes innovative thinking
Efficacy of machine translation
Need for professional intervention
Lexical and structural ambiguities in languages
Risk of losing context in translation
Way Forward
Modify UGC's guidelines for quality translation
Train translators in theory, practice, assessment
Continual development and improvement of AI tools

‘ANUVADINI’ is an AI-driven tool developed by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to facilitate document translation into multiple Indian languages. It’s part of an initiative to promote multilingualism in education, aligning with the National Education Policy 2020. The tool supports 22 regional and foreign languages, aiming to bridge language barriers and enhance accessibility to quality education across India. It requires careful editing and validation to ensure translations maintain the original context and meaning. This initiative is significant in enhancing academic performance and fostering innovative thinking among students by allowing them to study in their native languages.

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