Anand Marriage Act | J&K Anand Marriage Registration Rules 2023

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The main issue here is the implementation of the “Jammu and Kashmir Anand Marriage Registration Rules, 2023,” which allows Sikh couples in Jammu and Kashmir to register their marriages under the Anand Marriage Act. This development provides statutory recognition to Sikh marriage rituals, separating them from the Hindu Marriage Act. It addresses the long-standing demand of the Sikh community for recognition and respect of their marriage customs and further legalizes their traditional marriage ceremonies, which date back to 1909. The rules require Sikh couples to register their marriages within three months of solemnization, with a late fee for late registrations, and designate tehsildars as registrars for these marriages. This significant step by the Jammu and Kashmir administration is a gesture of respect towards the Sikh community’s customs and traditions.

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