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Akash Missile System

Akash Missile System mind map
December 2023 News
Astrashakti military exercise
India first to engage four targets
Range of 25 kilometers
Development began in 1983
First trial firings in 1990
Inducted in Indian Air Force in 2014
Inducted in Indian Army in 2015
Protect vulnerable areas
Defense against air attacks
Medium-range mobile SAM
Surface to Air Missile
Range up to 30 kilometers
Targets aircraft, UAVs, missiles
Export interests globally
Developed by DRDO
Defence Research and Development Organisation
Produced by BDL
Bharat Dynamics Limited
BEL, Tata Power SED, L&T involved
Bharat Electronics Limited
Strategic Engineering Division
Larsen & Toubro
Command guidance system
Mobile launch platforms
ECCM features
Electronic Counter-Countermeasures
Multiple target engagement
Indigenous technology
Cost-effective adaptation
Export potential
Multi-target capability
Radar, control units, sensor issues
43% failure rate in tests
Quality concerns
Trust issues during war
Way Forward
Address technical challenges
Enhance reliability
Expand export success

Summary:- The Akash missile system is a medium-range mobile surface-to-air missile developed by India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and produced by Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL). It is designed to protect vulnerable areas from air attacks by targeting aircraft, UAVs, and missiles up to 30 km away. The system has been inducted into the Indian Air Force and the Indian Army and has shown export potential. Recently, during the Astrashakti military exercise, India demonstrated the capability of the Akash system to engage four aerial targets simultaneously at a range of 25 kilometers, marking a global first. However, the system has faced challenges, including issues with radar, electronic control units, and sensors, and a significant failure rate during tests. The way forward includes addressing these technical challenges to enhance reliability and expand its success in exports.

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