5G Technology for Effective Policing

A Mindmap image related to "5G Technology for Effective Policing." The image provides information about the context, themes, and benefits of utilizing 5G technology for policing.
Context: Mention of a hackathon organized by the Indian government with a focus on harnessing 5G technology for policing.
Themes: Highlighted themes include 360-degree surveillance, predictive policing, real-time location tracking apps with internal authentication, enhancing crime control, and victim tracing.
Benefits: Mention of the benefits of 5G technology for policing, including faster data transfer and improved police decision-making.
What is 5G? Explanation of 5G as fifth generation wireless technology with features such as faster data transfer speeds, lower latency, and greater connectivity. It also briefly mentions India's efforts in infrastructure development for 6G technology.
Overall, the image provides a concise overview of the use of 5G technology in policing and its potential benefits.

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