[Mindmap] 500+ Most-Probable Current Affairs Topics for Prelims 2019 – Revise Faster

upsc prelims 2019 most probable topics current affairs mind maps

500+ most important current affairs topics in news (2018-19) are organised in a Single Mindmap with different categories and sub-categories – Economy, Environment, Polity, Culture, History, Geography, Science &Tech,  National, International, Schemes, Bills/Acts, Indices/reports, Organisations/Agencies/Authorities, Awards & Honours, Development Projects, Places in News and Defence (Missiles, Ships, etc.).

It will take you just around 5-6 hours to learn/revise all the topics since everything is organized in a single mindmap with different categories. I’m sure you will attend this year prelims with 100% confidence after reading this mindmap.

Click here to go to the IE Mindmaps Page and look for current affairs mindmaps.

All the best!!

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In order to clear UPSC prelims, you need to first focus on the most probable topics in each subject and cover them comprehensively. But there is a problem of scattered resources and lack of time to make notes and organize everything yourself. So we have listed links to our notes on the most probable topics. As these notes are in mindmap format, you can read/revise them very quickly.

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Soni Jagdish
Soni Jagdish
1 year ago

where is these 500 topics mind map sir?