[Study Tips] How to remember the Sources of Indian Constitution

Reading Time: 3 mins This topic – “Sources of Indian Constitution” comes under Indian Polity. It covers all those features that our constitution borrowed from other countries’ constitutions or laws. It is very important for the exam and could easily be confused in the exam hall. To make your life easier, I’ve created mnemonic stories from those features as follows. Just remembering the story would be enough to recall in the exam.

Notes on Most-Probable Topics for UPSC Prelims

Reading Time: 2 mins In order to clear UPSC prelims, you need to first focus on most-probable topics in each subject and cover them comprehensively. But there is a problem of scattered resources and lack of time to cover everything. So we have listed links to our notes on most-probable topics. As these notes are in mindmap format, you can read/revise them very quickly.